08. - 26.07.2020


Anne Yoncha is American artist, who combines art with science. She's working on a year-long art-science project called Re:Peat, which will visualize and materialize data about peat structure in Northern Ostrobothnia.

Anne Yoncha was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. She is a current Fulbright student fellow at the Natural Resources Institute Finland, working with restorationists to make collaborative art-science work about former peat extraction sites outside Oulu. Her practice combines digital sensing technology, such as bio-data sonification, and analog, traditional processes including painting with ink she makes from locally-sourced tannins.

Re:Peat, Post-extraction in Peatlands Latvasuo and Pikkusaarisuo, a Look and Listen exhibition showcases the fallout from laser cutting the sphagnum that is sewn into a series of large paper panels, layered with digital and analog drawings of sphagnum structures using a tannic ink made from Scotch pine on site. This component will reposition the extracted material within peat structures once more, while also allowing us to visually contrast disturbed and undisturbed sphagnum structures.